How To Turn Your Day (And Your Life) Around With Self Care

You know the feeling. That pit in your stomach and that wave of paralysis from depression that makes it feel almost impossible to do anything. When you really need to feel better, it’s important to have a few things you like to do that can count as self care. That way, you can cheer yourself up and get things done.

Now, I’m not talking about boring self care like washing your hair. While that’s extremely important as well, it’s nice to have things you can always turn to that won’t just help you get by, but will help you actually turn your day around! Disclaimer** I am fully aware that some days, doing these things just is not possible. I’ve been there. This blog post is for the days when you might not be feeling like yourself and you need a pick me up that’s a healthy way to deal with what you’re feeling. This is not for the really bad days. I will address those days in another post.

My “happy day” self care can look like a few different things. I personally love beauty products. So sometimes, I’ll throw on my favorite throwback playlist and break out my selection of face masks. I like to multi-mask, so I’ll do a charcoal one on my t-zone and a moisturizing one on the rest of my face. I’ll paint my toenails while the mask dries, and then exfoliate my face when it’s time to wash the mask off. Then I go through my whole skincare routine and my skin will feel soooo smooth. It’s those little things that make me happy.

On other days, I love a good candlelit yoga class or some guided meditation at home on my Calm app. Sometime self care isn’t so glamorous and that’s fine too! If I’m feeling like I really need tranquility in my life, I’m a huge fan of throwing on my comfiest leggings, getting my yoga and meditation done, and drinking some lemon ginger tea. Yogi makes a great, affordable one. Then I’ll take a quick shower and watch a movie with a (preferably) healthy snack. But ice cream’s good too, you guys!

But my favorite outlet as of late is blogging. Whether it’s on my Instagram or here on this page, I love writing out posts and captions and editing photos. It’s such a great release and it makes me feel like I’m accomplishing something. Blogging also keeps me busy, which keeps me from binge eating. Unfortunately, I have suffered from binge eating disorder for many years, and the binges would usually happen when I was stressed out or upset without anything to do about it.

Healthy outlets have really helped me to keep my eating in check, and I haven’t had a bad bingeing episode in over a year now. Now that I’ve learned how to replace bad habits with positive ones, I’m so much better off. If you’d like to hear more about my journey with an eating disorder, let me know in the comments!

All of the self care options I mentioned make me feel like I’ve gotten something done for the day, no matter how small it may be. And that is so rewarding. We all want to feel good about ourselves and like we have a purpose in this world. Whatever makes you feel good, go for it. I believe in you guys and I know that many of you will take your self care hobbies, change your mood, and get out there in the world and kill it with whatever you want to do. It all starts with YOU and how YOU feel about yourself. If you can take these small actions to feel great about yourself, you can do anything.


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