Am I Qualified To Give You Advice??

What do you think? Am I qualified to give anyone advice about mental health? In short, probably not.

I don’t have a degree in mental health counseling and I’m not a doctor. This, you already know. And yet, I get messages every single day asking for help. And I answer every single one!

While I may not be the most qualified, I do have a TON of personal experience with my own mental health as well as experience in helping some friends through depressive episodes and anxiety attacks.

After going to therapy for four years, seeing a psychiatrist, and dealing with severe mental health issues, I’ve sort of come out the other side. I’m in no way perfect, but I am much much better than I used to be. I think that qualifies me a little bit to give advice to people dealing with issues similar to what I’ve dealt with!

As long as people know I’m not a professional and they’re okay with that, I think it’s okay for them to take advice from me. As someone who is currently doing very well and is living with a clear and focused mind, I can give sound advice on many topics relating to mental health.

I want to be that friend everyone needs. Their shoulder to cry on and someone to build them back up when they’re down. I think that’s my main point in saying all of this.

I want to be the support you need in your life that you may not have from family or friends. It’s because I get it. I didn’t tell anyone I was struggling for years. If I had had someone to message, maybe I wouldn’t have felt so alone. Maybe I would have been able to get help sooner.

That’s why I started my Instagram page in the first place. To help! I’m just here to help. So if you’re struggling, message me. If you overcame something huge, or even something not that huge, message me. I want to hear about it! I want to be a cheerleader you can always count on when not everyone else is available.

I do it because I wish I’d had it. I do it because you deserve it. Xo


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