The Truth: There’s Nothing Wrong With Bipolar People


Sometimes those of us living with bipolar disorder can feel like there’s something wrong with us. It can feel like we don’t belong and that we’re not worthy of a full and amazing life. But none of that is true.

We are taught that people living with mental illness are “scary” or “crazy” and that we need to stay away from them. We get these messages from family and friends who just don’t understand, and from the media as well. Movies are constantly portraying mentally ill people to be extremely unstable, even violent!

We need to rise above this and understand that although yes, we may be living with a mental illness, we are just people. We’re all just people. Some people live with physical illnesses, others mental, and everyone is going through something we know nothing about. So we’re really not alone.

We need to recognize that we are perfectly made and that nothing about us needs to change. Just because I am bipolar does not mean that I am not beautiful inside and out. It doesn’t mean that I’m manipulative and unreliable, like stigma says. It just means that my brain is wired a little differently than the person next to me. But wouldn’t it be weird if it wasn’t?

I mean, we’re all different. That’s what makes us individuals and special ones at that. We all need to realize that there’s nothing wrong with being bipolar. It’s just a part of us like anything else.

That’s why I do this. That’s why I’m not ashamed of who I am, and you shouldn’t be either. I hope that this blog will over time help all of you living with bipolar disorder that you are worthy of ANYTHING and everything that you want out of life. You are amazing. You are trying your best. You are doing awesome, and I’m proud of you.


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